Contributor to the Diamond Little Gems Short Story Anthology 2012, published by the Romance Writers of Australia.

A diamond is forged over time and under immense pressure into a clear colourless form of pure carbon. It is then cut, recut and polished until it evolves into its final brilliant form – no unlike a short story, which writers create, edit, and shape into a sparkling gem.

The diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance and many a writer would agree that a short story can be the hardest form of writing – the skill it takes to tell a satisfying story in only a few words shouldn’t be underestimated.

In 2012, the 14 stories that have made it into the Little Gems Anthology are superb examples of sparkling diamonds in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Contributor to the Tattoo: Spicy Bites Short Story Anthology 2017, available here

Have you ever had a secret life?
Ever done something you wouldn’t normally dare to do?
Ever received something you hadn’t bargained for?

Join us for Romance Writers of Australia’s newest anthology offering, Spicy Bites. Only the steamiest of stories have made it through to the 2017 edition where passion and pleasure walk hand-in-hand during the daylight hours but fetish and fantasy linger long into the night.

It’s a different kind of buzz for the Tattoo edition. You’ll meet women respectable in the boardroom and just plain naughty outside of it, her ink for his eyes only. Fantasies you can’t even mention to your closest friends are unleashed online but you’ve saved the starring role just for him. Freedom is bartered and bought and even the pleasure bots are branded in this collection of erotic tales guaranteed to satisfy.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, run a hot bath and lay back for what promises to be a hell of a ride…

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