Christmas At Kissing Point – eBook (Amazon/Kindle)


Welcome to Christmas in Kissing Point, home of hot summer nights, white sandy beaches and love. Five tales of Christmas love from five Australian authors that will leave you wishing you’d been extra good for Santa.


The sleepy seaside town of Kissing Point comes alive at Christmas when it fills to the brim with summer holidaymakers. But this year there are more than carols and the scent of Christmas barbeques in the air. This year, Santa is playing Cupid, as six couples get a chance at love helped along by warm summer nights and sparkling ocean waves.

An unlucky-in-love postwoman, a one-night stand lover and an interfering ex. A new-to-town baker, her prickly landlord and a spark that has nothing to do with faulty wiring. A movie stunt double, a neurologist and a love seat rumoured to be magic. Old school sweethearts and a half-forgotten marriage pact. A Christmas hating billionaire, his hardworking PA and an impossible-to-keep deal.

Five couples, five chances at love and a Merry Christmas in Kissing Point.

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