What Happened in… March 2020

I am now up to about 3k in my anthology story… Did I tell you about the Christmas anthology I’m contributing to with some friends? We decided we’d self-publish a collection of stories later this year. I’m super confident that they are all wonderful storytellers so this is VERY exciting! However, I’m starting to feel the pressure now, as my first draft is due early next month!

Had a wee pang of disappointment when I realised I did not win a mentorship with Lindsey Kelk 🙁 Hoping I’m one of the applicants she said was so good they don’t need her help  😉 She did actually write back to me personally and said “I truly did enjoy reading your submission and I really hope you’ll continue on and get it published.” … so that’s nice!

Read soooooo many books (6 books and 6 novellas) – now more than ever, we need to escape, no? They were mostly bloody brilliant, but a special call out to the 6 x Dashing Widows novellas from Anna Campbell… and a “special” call out also for the truly awful Mills & Boon Cherish I read (which I will not name) – look, I don’t mind a beta Hero but this one literally cried when someone messed up his home furnishings, so I was all no, just no…

I was hoping to visit Tasmania later in the year, but I guess that won’t happen now… but, am happy to be safe and well, hope that holds for everyone reading this.


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