What Happened in… April 2018

Remember the NYC Short Story Challenge? I sent in my entry for Round Two (called AI: Artificial Insurrection), all about a cheerleader and an apocalypse that goes horribly wrong. Let’s hope the judges like it! I also threw two Twitter pitches into #CarinaPitch, with no success 🙁 . I read & judged another belated Ruby entry (gotta love secret babies!), and entered the Maggie contest for unpublished authors with the Georgia Romance Writers with my WIP #1.

Didn’t read much but my favourite was called Painted Faces by LH Cosway – the hero is a cross-dresser, so yeah, it’s different, but trust me it’s oh-so-sensitively dealt with. The same author has written a story with an alcoholic hero, and another with an agoraphobic heroine, both of which I also loved – now that’s talent!


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