What Happened in… April 2020

I know, I know, the months are kinda melting into one another… but I still think we should take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for whatever we managed to get done last month! What did you get up to? Are you using this time to check off your To Do List, or  mainly concentrating on surviving these crazy times with some sanity still intact? I’ve been doing a little of both… Firstly, I finished my Christmas anthology story, thanks to my critique group’s ever so gentle persuasion in the form of daily 20 minute writing sprints (thank you thank you, a million times thank you!)… also had a couple of networking/drinking video sessions with those very same darlings… got given 5 RWA Ruby nominated books to judge so have started reading those… caught up on several months’ worth of RWA Hearts Talk magazines (turns out it’s pretty interesting these days, who knew?!)… read soooooo many other books, but the highlight of the month was Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey, OMG I could not have loved this one harder, pulled an all-nighter just to finish it in one night, could not put it down, cried at the end (maybe I was just overtired and emotional by that point, but let’s assume not). I also pulled out WIP #2 and finally wrote a few more words in it – wow! Will be interesting to see how long this one takes me to finish – at this point anything less than 10 years is flying 😉 Hope you’re staying safe and well, keep reading! xx.


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