What Happened in… April 2019

Well, my Alpha Reader (aka mum) came back with her feedback for WIP#1 and… she liked it! Okay, no great surprise there but it was great to show it to someone whose opinion I value so highly… in fact, she’s the very person who introduced me to the romance genre! Anyhoo, she also had some super valuable feedback, so I incorporated that all in, tidied it up and… sent it off to Escape! EXCITEMENT! Fingers crossed it has reached them and that they’ll actually like it and someone there remembers that the full manuscript was actually requested but the main thing is that it’s done and it’s gone *dusts off hands* . Totally not checking my inbox for a response every 5 seconds… not me, man… ahem…

In other news I thought I’d almost finished my RWA judging duties – 2 more First Kisses and 2 more Rubys – but I still have one more Ruby to go which I’d better finish quickly as I’ve just been given three Valerie Parv entries – yikes! It’s always fascinating to read short and long snippets from authors of varying talents and in all kinds of (romance) genres. I often think it’s just as much a learning experience for me as it is the contest entrants. Highly recommend if you have some spare time on your hands.

My recommendation for Book of the Month goes to Repeat by Kylie Scott because she’s a bloody wizard and I love all her stuff. You will too, give it a try 🙂

Also spent a wonderful day at the National Gallery in Canberra viewing the Love & Desire exhibition – artworks by the Pre-Raphealite masters. Ridiculously difficult to pick a favourite but I might have to say for me it was The Awakening Conscience (below) as the background of this one really grabbed me. The story goes that the mistress in the painting used to have a much more anguished expression but the purchaser requested it be changed… “under his eye”, I guess… *sigh*. Unfortunately the exhibition is now finished but if you’re very lucky you may hear the lovely Kate Forsyth talk some more about these remarkable painters and their muses.


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