What Happened in… August 2018

BIG MONTH! Got my feedback from the Maggie contest – alas, I didn’t make it into the top 5 finalists, but the comments were all really good (“I’d give it 10.5 if I could!”, and “ready for querying”), so I really wish they also sent out a ranking – did I just miss out, or where they just being nice?

We kicked off the Romance Writers of Australia conference with the ARRA authors’ panel – should have been an official part of the conference, as this was awesome! Some of my favourite romance authors chit-chatting in a cosy casual atmosphere. As usual, I was struck by how supportive and generous these ladies are.

RWA conference – highlight of my writery year! Firstly, I don’t know how anything could possibly top our Friday night cocktail party costume win?! We’ve been trying for so many years and this time we really pushed the boat out – zombie brides, oh yes! Were they too scared to give the award to anyone else? Maybe 😉

With some good-natured pushing and shoving from my lovely critique group (shout out to The Boas!) I successfully pitched WIP#1 to Kate Cuthbert @ Escape. No-one was more stunned than me! It was a last minute decision with, like an hour’s notice – thank the gods, I’d been idly thinking about it for a while, and got it over and done with quickly otherwise I probably would have bailed, haha. Huge thanks to everyone for making me do it and quickly reviewing my scribbles to make sure it made sense before I went in!

And then, before I could succumb to the usual whirlpool of doubts, I finished the month by actually submitting the first 5 chapters and synopsis of WIP#1 to Escape Publishing – wish me luck!

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