What Happened in… August 2020

Ahhh, August is always my favourite month of the year for all things writery – it’s the Romance Writers of Australia Conference time! Although this year it was all online, I’d venture to say that in many ways it was the best one yet – SO much amazing content from SO many amazing presenters (huge shout out to Liz Pelletier – best workshop ever – growth hacking, do it!), and the best part was being able to discuss everything as we went, taking notes, asking questions, being interactive, and sharing the fun together. I was lucky enough to sneak away to a little cottage with a writery friend so we could watch all the sessions together uninterrupted by our day jobs and kids – such a special, relaxing time but most of all MOTIVATING. I’m absolutely chock full of ideas and actions to keep me going for the next few months, mainly on the business side of being a writer – so many things I’d never considered before, but this is the year, while we’re all housebound, I’m making it happen.

Meanwhile, we are also charging ahead with our Christmas anthology – can’t wait to reveal our delicious cover! Again, so much “business” happening behinds the scenes to get it published that I’d never considered before – such a giant learning curve, and one that will stand me in good stead for years to come, no doubt.

Surprisingly, I did also manage to do some reading – book of the month goes to 69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer… though Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer comes in a close second just because Twilight will always hold a special place in heart (even though Edward has so many thoughts, who knew?)!


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