What Happened in… July 2020

Well, I feel like I’m settling into this COVID-life, but am a bit bemused as to why I still seem to be super busy when in theory I should have more time on my hands? It’s a mystery…  Anyhoo, what did I do this month? Firstly, we got lots of lovely feedback on our social media book cover launch, & managed to choose our wonderful cover, yay! I can’t wait to share it with you, but it’s not official yet… stay tuned, it’s so gorgeous! In the background, we were feverishly editing away version three of our stories, finding photos of our Heroes/Heroines, and coming up with an author blurb. Phew! Now to start working on a marketing plan… which I know nothing about, but we’re all keen to learn 😉 I also booked accommodation for our cheeky virtual RWA conference getaway in August – can’t wait to see what the RWA team have got in store for us, it’s always one of my favourite times of year and I’m sure this year will be no exception. Even if it’s not face-to-face this time (so no fancy-dress cocktail, boooo 🙁 ). I finally heard back from Harlequin about my second WIP – it was a hard no, as they didn’t like that when the story starts, the H/h already have a crush on each other, so they felt the tension would be unsustainable… *sad face* Will keep working on it regardless and see what happens. And I read some awesome books (making up for June’s rather lackluster performance on this front). Really hard to choose but my favourite this month would have to be This Time Tomorrow by Tessa Bailey (the second in her Phenomenal Fate trilogy and I have to agree, it is phenomenal!).


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