What Happened in… August 2019

RWA CONFERENCE MONTH!! Always the highlight on my writery calendar and this year was no exception. Learning about the craft, fangirling over all my favourite authors, dressing up for the cocktail party, drinking, chatting, networking, relaxing… even winning an award! Highlights for me were:

– so many people knew who I was! All that time spent on social media appears to have been well-spent, haha!
– Natasha Lester’s Friday workshop – she’s a GREAT presenter, very polished, well-spoken and most importantly, easy to understand
– the Fight Like A Girl session was amazeballs, so good I bought the book
– Nalini Singh’s keynote speech about writing series was great, learnt so much
– dashing about the cocktail party dressed as Harlequin publishing fairies – granting everyone’s publishing wishes (NYT best-seller was a popular one!)
– I pitched (very last minute) to Nicola Caws from Harlequin and it went… okay? I led with “You read my submission to last year’s Harlequin Romance Blitz and liked my voice but the setting was wrong so this story is like you know the same same but in a different more glamorous setting and did you see me up on the stage last night getting an award?”… at which point I think she may have glazed over which was thankful as I devolved into a blithering mess after that… BUT I think the opening saving me because she did indeed request the first 3 chapters… so, now I just need to work on that *nervous laughter*

I also met the amazing Jacqui Greig from Blush magazine – have you subscribed yet? It’s the most delicious monthly romance news and reviews presented in the most reader-friendly fashion I’ve ever seen – candy for your eyes, get on it!



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