What Happened in… Dec 2019 /Jan 2020

Oh my word… did I skip a December update? I feel like we skipped straight to Jan… or maybe time’s just flying? I don’t know! Very inspired by all this festive activity and will surely get more done this month than I have recently… maybe even some writing? *cough* ahem…

Rejection is never great but I got the loveliest polite “no” in Dec from Alex Adsett as she doesn’t represent Category (doh!)… she did say she really liked my voice though, and suggested I send it directly to HM&B -yay! Did not final in the Emily contest but did get pages and pages and pages of notes (I’m not kidding, literally pages). For those playing at home, I got a 97, an 87, and a 70.5… hmmm… interestingly, the “eeeevil third judge” gave the most the feedback and concluded by saying, “Please don’t feel disheartened about the massive amount of notes I gave you — I felt invested enough in your story to provide as much feedback as possible”, so that was nice. Must get around to updating my WIP based on these notes… Had a Christmas catch-up with some of my favourite writery friends in the world up in the wonderful wilds of beautiful Picton – there was some nagging and goal-setting and finger-pointing and champagne, lots of champagne 😉

Drove up to Newcastle for another RWA Newcs chapter meeting – ooooh, they’re a very inspiring bunch and I always learn so much from them!
Beta-read one of my critique partener’s second WIP and OMG you guys it’s SO GOOD! And my mum thinks so too, so you know it’s true 😀
Received a bunch of entries for the Sweet Treats and Spicy Bites anthologies that I really should start reading/judging… Finished my 2019 Goodreads challenge with a total of 60 books – woohoo! Don’t think I could choose a favourite though, too hard!

Have read not nearly as many books last month as I’d have liked… but the most interesting was definitely Strange Love by Ann Aguirre about a chick who gets accidentally kidnapped by a cockroach kinda alien and they end up getting it on (tee hee! It’s much cuter than it sounds!)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read the latest Romance Writers’ of Australia Hearts Talk magazine, as I hear they have a wonderful new sub-editor!



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