What Happened in… December 2020

This month was all about promoting the bejeesus out of our beautiful baby Christmas anthology – from newsletters to Facebook posts to adverts and stories in the local paper, you name it we tried it. Even gave away a few free copies – were you a lucky winner? Just another part of our steep learning curve – you never know what promotion is going to tickle your readers’ fancy until you put it out there. Social media is the obvious choice but when and where and how – all a big mystery! Has been fun giving it a whirl though, now that we finally have something to shout about.

Also watched Bridgerton (at hubby’s suggestion!) and became completely obssesssssssed (like everyone else). Now pulling all the regency novels out of my TBR pile (of which there are quite a few… but then, there are a LOT of books in my TBR pile 😉 ) – they have just been promoted to the top!

And finally, we all said a heartfelt and final fuck you goodbye to 2020, the year that saw some of the biggest up and downs of my life. High five, we survived! Let’s hope 2021 has more of the ups than downs 🙂

Book of the year is too hard to call, there were so many that got me through this year for different reasons at different times, but I’d have to say Book of the Month goes to Playing With Trouble by Amy Andrews – an awesome flirty fun book to end the year on.


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