What Happened in… Feb 2020

Submitted my synopsis for a Christmas anthology I’m working on with some friends and started writing it – I have about 2k so far thanks to some writing sprints with my critique partners… slowly getting used to the idea that I don’t have to sit down for 2 hours to get some writing done (and therefore put it off forever because I never have 2 hours spare), I can actually get something done in 20 mins which is better than nothing!

Went through the pages and pages and pages of notes from the Emily judges and made a heap of updates to WIP #2. Threw WIP #2 at Lindsey Kelks for her mentoring program which I really need to win because god knows I need a kick up the butt if I’m ever going to finish it. Finished my judging for the Spicy Bites and Sweet Treats contests… as usual, they were of varying standards… Booked tickets to Natasha Lester’s Book & Bubbles event next month. Only read three books but my fave was “Kind of Cursed” by Stephanie Fournet – the hero had me like HUUNNGHHH with his competence!! Weirdly, I’m finding it hard to pick up paperbacks lately, I seem to gravitate towards eBooks… my “actual” TBR pile is getting really ridiculous, even including a Marian Keyes and a Tara Moss that I just can’t seem to pick up 🙁


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