What Happened in… Jan/Feb 2019

Let’s start with the good news – I placed FIRST in the RWAus Selling Synopsis contest – woot woot!

I also finally worked through ALL the feedback from my lovely beta-readers on WIP#1… and have now decided to completely revamp my Hero’s motivation. Yikes. So I have to go back and work that all the way through… I’m working on that… slowly…

It’s contest season so I judged 3 entries into the RWAus Little Gems – one of them was awesome so I hope it ends up in the anthology *fingers crossed*! Good luck to everyone who entered 🙂

Reading – I’ve had a few favourites recently: Vox by Christine Dalcher; everything by Avery Flynn, in particular her Hartigans series, and Stephanie London’s Bad Bachelor. All wonderful 5 STAR entertaining reads!


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