What Happened in… July 2018

Went on a road trip to Canberra to see the Cartier exhibit – SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Some lucky heroine is definitely getting one of those sparklies gifted to her by a suitably billionairey hero in one of my books one day, haha!

Reading highlight: Happiness for Humans – one of the many birthday books I bought myself. It’s a super cute romance with an unexpectedly optimistic side-helping of existentialism. Really! Side note: I didn’t read much in June and I noticed it affected my brain space… I get more scattered than usual without a book to ground me… more unfocused and fidgety… just me, or does that happen to you too?

I also finished the synopsis and first 3 chapters for WIP #2… gotta keep writing, right? Am planning to send it off to some publishers as soon as I’ve edited the crap out of it #fingerscrossed

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