What Happened in… June 2018

I judged three entries for this year’s Valerie Parv Award (all 3 were awesome, btw, and I’m quite bummed I won’t get to read the rest of them! I do not envy Ms Parv having to make the final decision!).

I read Diana Gabaldon’s book on how to write love scenes – I Give You My Body. It was pretty good for reinforcing the basics, but probably not much I haven’t already heard at the many RWA conferences I’ve been to.

I also FINALLY finished my WIP#1. Yeah yeah, don’t get too excited – it still has plot holes big enough to lose a planet in, so it won’t be heading off to any publishers any time soon, BUT it no longer has chapters missing and random notes all over the place, so that’s a good thing. Now, on to editing… *rolls up sleeves*… *opens laptop*… *pats cat*… *stares out window*…


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