What Happened in… June 2020

Pretty sure somebody messed with the space/time continuum and made the first half of this year 6 years long and also 6 days yes?! Anyhoo… here’s what I’ve been up to in the last month…

Completed an RWA OWL course on creating an Author Business Plan with Lauren Clarke – some GREAT information there, but also quite overwhelming… I’d have to print it out to get my head around it all, I think, though it’s definitely something I’d get cracking on immediately if writing was my sole income… super valuable and broken down so my tiny wee mind could understand it – very practical! Finished the second version (including first round of edits ) of my anthology story and beta read 3 others ahead of deadline *shines halo*… Read a couple of books but not sure I have a favourite this month, nothing really blew my skirt up, even the reverse harem *ahem*…

Kinda quieter than usual but I was also celebrating the Festival of Starbuck (my birthday) with a number of events including a wonderful weekend away with some of my favourite writery friends 🙂

Not much I know, but like I said, weird month. Hope you’re all well and surviving this hellscape timeline! Til next month, make good choices 😉



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