What Happened in… June 2109

June = my favourite month.. my birthday month! The Festival of Starbuck was an especially good one this year – I got taken to a shop where we created our own lipsticks! Shout out to the lovely ladies at the Lip Lab in Paddington. I also convinced my day job to let my team spend a day volunteering at the RSPCA, cuddling puppies and patting all the kittencats – highly recommend!

Hmm, what else? Sent the first 5 chapters of WIP #2 to one of my beta readers for feedback… judged one last Ruby, but luckily this was one I’d already read, haha! It was actually the lovely Madeline Ash’s The Wedding Obsession which you all should read immediately because it’s AWESOME! Does that give away how it judged it… maybe 😉

Aaaaand, I got a response back from Escape to say they’ve received my manuscript and added it to their reading pile… *sigh*… fingers crossed.

And lastly, I booked a cruise for Oct… if I were published I could write this off as an expense, dammit! #authorgoals


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