What Happened in… May 2018

Got the judges’ marks back to compare how we each judged our First Kiss entries and… OMG, YOU GUYS, I WAS THE EVIL THIRD JUDGE!! Am going to have a good hard look in the mirror. Hopefully my thoughtful comments were useful… I feel awful… sorry, First Kiss peoples!! I also got the results for the NYC Midnight contest Round 2… I did not progress to the next round… maybe it was karma for my evil judging! I bought and started reading the “Cocktales” anthology – mostly because I want to support the defense against #cockygate ! SO glad the judge seems about to kick out the case, could’ve been pretty awkward otherwise. I also wrote a short story about an octopus for Miss 9 because she drew me a lovely cover – it’s called The Octopus and it’s about a pet octopus that goes missing… don’t worry, it has a happy ending!


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