What Happened in… May 2020

Oh my lovelies, what a time to be alive… it just seems to get weirder and weirder… I wonder if all generations feel this? I can’t help being grateful for all the things that I have and others don’t… including being lucky enough to have been born an optimist 😉 I’ve been watching heaps of Parks & Recreation lately (for therapy) and 5 seasons in, I can confidently say that as much as I want to be a Leslie Knope, the truth is I’m a Chris Traeger (minus the fitness obsession!).

So what else’s been happening? Well, I finished and submitted my Christmas anthology story, and then beta reviewed four others – OMG y’all are going to love this book so hard, we are disgustingly talented, if I do say so myself, haha! I’m already super proud of how this is going to turn out, loooooove everyone’s ideas! I also finished reading/judging 4 RWA Ruby contest entries and 3 RWA Valerie Parv contest entries – one was amazingly perfect loved it, I REALLY want to see it on a shelf one day so I can finish the whole thing! But, as a result, I didn’t really get much other reading done…

Also decided “what the hell?!”, tidied up my WIP#2 based on the feedback from the Emily judges last year, and submitted it to Nic Caws @ Harlequin… wish me luck…

Book of the month goes to Heart of Eon by Anna Hackett – jumped in at book #3 in the Eon Warriors series, but glad that means I can now go back and read the first two  🙂


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