What Happened in… May 2019

Ahhh, May…. wait, that means it’s June already… halfway through the year, or as everyone around me knows – THE FESTIVAL OF STARBUCK! A whole month of celebrating my birthday! But first, a look back at May.

Highlight of the month was volunteering to help out at the RWA stand for the Write Now Festival in Toronto (sadly not that Toronto, but the one near Newcastle). Super awesome opportunity to meet a bunch of authors who are already with my targeted publishers (Escape and HM&B). Despite my less-than-stellar networking skills, I nonetheless did my best and smiled a lot!

Also did the RWA online course – Author Branding OWL with Nikki Logan. REALLY interesting, made me think long and hard about how I should be positioning myself in the market. If I can offer one tip to you all, it’d be to think NOW about your branding – how would you define your genre, what is your brand, your positioning statement, and your tagline? What images will you use to link your brand to you and what collateral can you use them on? That was more than one, but whatever. I was SUPER chuffed that she really liked what I’ve already done in terms of my branding (and in particular, this little website), so am feeling like I’m really on the right track with that now.

Book of the Month: non-fiction = Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese (ooooh boy, she’s so glamorous, and now I see why!), and fiction = The Million Pound Marriage Deal by Michelle Douglas (because she’s so lovely and she personally recommended it to me and it made me remember that even though a story can be short, it still make me cry… which is one of the many reasons why I want to be published by HM&B so bad – because the writing is so good!).

Full disclosure, I also binged several series on Netflix because sometimes I just need to turn my brain off and enjoy something visual. Speaking of which, I can highly recommend John Wick 3 – because even though it’s not strictly a romance, it is definitely… pretty *flutters eyelashes at Keanu*


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