What Happened in… November 2019

So as promised in my last update, I submitted WIP #2 to Alex Adsett, yeah yeah! Why the hell not? Drove down to Sutherland for the launch of Rachel Johns’ wonderful new book, Just One Wish and also caught up with some other lovely writery people there, including the gorgeous Tanya Nellestein. Started the Killer Conflict OWL with Lauren Clarke which is really good but I will need to finish later because ooooof, work has been crazy busy (well, “out of the office” busy anyway). Read lots of books and watched LOADS of Netflix because movies are research too! Book of the Month for me was the Parallel Duet (both books) by Elizabeth O’Roark. … Disappointment of the month was “A Knight Before Christmas”, Netflix’s rip-off Hallmark movie with Vanessa Hudgens which could have been awesome but was instead so super meh that I was shouting at the screen towards the end.

I also invited the RSPCA to bring a puppy to my office for us to play with – can highly recommend! Escaped the Catastrophic Fire Day unscathed despite widespread panic in my area (it was only 34C, a fairly average summer day, what is wrong with people?!). And I also did a tour through rural NSW for work which was eye-opening and heart-breaking and super-awesome research for any Ru-Ro’s in my future!


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