What Happened in… October 2019

Well last month I entered the Emily Contest at the very last minute (never a good idea) but we’ll see what happens – I really need them to release a ranking because last time I just got generic “love it” statements from the judges (even though I didn’t even place)… like how much did you love it, huhHUH?? Convinced myself to submit to Alex Adsett on the back of my Selling Synopsis contest win earlier in the year, so I will… shortly… Drove up to Newcastle for an RWA meeting with the incredibly lovely HM&B authors Michelle Douglas & Annie West (among others) where I was forced to verbalise my writer goals for next month! Oh god, MORE accountability! And learnt a bunch of stuff about copy-editing. So interesting, well worth the 3 hour round trip. And also got mightily confused about everyone’s names because they all have pen names (in some cases, several) and IT’S VERY VEXING TO NOT KNOW WHAT NAME TO CALL SOMEONE! Read about 8 books I think (but only because I was on holidays), all of which were right in my groove and made me very happy… if I had to pick a favourite, I’d say it was Waiting For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey.

Personal stuff, I went on a cruise of the South Pacific and it was pretty much as fabulous as I was told it would be, celebrated my second favourite time of year – HALLOWEEN – with dress-ups and a blood donor drive at work.

But most sadly of all, we said a final goodbye to my 15yo pupster, Harvey 🙁 He’s the gorgeous doggo in my profile pic, and he will be *missed*. RIP gorgeous Harvey.


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