What Happened in… October 2018

This has been a swings and roundabouts kinda month!

SQUWWWWEE! Got a request for a full from Escape Publishing for my MS#1. Cue panic to finish the damn thing! Gave it a bit of a polish and sent it to my wonderful beta-readers (*kissy face* !!)… then found out the next day that that particular editor has handed in her resignation… argh *sad face* … still, I have some time, so now I’m working through all the feedback from my lovely beta-readers so I can then pass MS#1 onto my mummy (who is my Alpha Reader 😉 ). Then I’ll send it off and see what happens.

Clearly a sign not to put all my eggs in one basket though, so I entered the RWAus Selling Synopsis contest with WIP#2 (you’re only as good as your next book, isn’t that right?).

Is it Christmas yet?


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