What Happened in… Sept 2019

Here’s what I did:

Opened my WIP #2. Read the first 3 chapters. Realised it has no GMC. Closed my WIP #2.

I feel like this does not get the recognition it deserves.

Look, I guess I probably did other things too… I’m planning my cruise for October while trying to keep it a secret from the kids… daughter and hubby and a good friend all had birthdays and associated festivities… I went away with my mothers group and that was a LOT of information to deal with and I also went away with some school friends and that was EVEN MORE information so my brain is still a bit fried from second-hand stress…. I read a few books, most notably The Trouble with Christmas by Amy Andrews and Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Cruisie both of whom are one-click authors for me because I love them both so much… I went go to the funeral of a guy from work who died in a skate-boarding accident (he was my age) and I gotta say it was the classiest funeral I’ve seen – they hit the perfect spot between sentimental and sweet and stoic, so much respect for his family… watched a lot of Netflix, mostly Grace & Frankie, and realised I definitely want to be them when I grow up.

Bring on October and a more productive less stressful month!


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